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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. this is wjztv, wjzhd and baltimore. from the city to the counties, to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. danger lurking. deadly carbon monoxide gas sickens students twice. concerns this could easily happen in any school at any time. hello, everybody, i'm denise koch. deadly carbon monoxide leaks into a local elementary school in two weeks. tonight mike hellgren investigates. >> reporter: dozens of children have been exposed to dangerous
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carbon monoxide in two separate incidents in two weeks. and what's raising more alarm. wjz has learned that maryland does not require schools to have carbon detectors. state law requires them in some homes so why are schools different? delegate sandy rosen burg says a mandate is something lawmakers should investigate. >> it's essential children are safe where they go to learn. how expensive is it to put in detectors? have other states done this? >> reporter: the mayor has also called for co detectors. >> once it's been brought to our attention, my level of shock, what do we do from here. >> reporter: said in light of those concerns they plan on
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installing within 30 days. >> it's a gas leak and they can get sick. >> reporter: because as we have seen around the country, carbon monoxide can kill. >> a poisoning scare. >> two people are dead, 10 others are hospitalized. >> reporter: school officials also tell us will go in at dickey hill next week. both -- counties do not have carbon monoxide detectors in their schools. and it will cost almost $5000 to install the detectors in all city schools. a carjacking, and a dramatic take down -- tonight police say the 27-year-old frank richardson is the driver. desmond mccoy the manger and the look -- passenger and the look out. the car was stolen from a state
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employee as she was leaving work. two cars crash tonight on 283. it happened right at the start of the rush hour delaying dozens of drivers. with the incredible video. >> reporter: vic, this accident was so nasty traffic was backed up right at the top of rush hour hour. >> a horrific scene unfolds on interstate 283. a jeep flipped and got pinned underneath. >> with at least two lanes of i- 83 blocked. >> reporter: for an hour after the crash happened around 3:00, drivers were stuck in gridlock. >> i was trying to get out for my wife's birthday and it caused me to be late. >> any turn you made there was
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more traffic. it seemed like everybody. >> reporter: one tells wjz the accident made it difficult for her and her colleagues to get kids home on time. she said at one bus stop alone she had to wait for 15 15 minutes for parents to arrive. >> i had to call the mom. i was stuck in traffic. >> reporter: a headache for sure but somehow one without injuries. the driver got out by himself. he was transported to the hospital. and maryland state police say the driver of the other vehicle all right. we'll live in baltimore county, eyewitness news. thank you. police say nothing hazardous spilled from the tanker. reveals a childhood secret,
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massachusetts senator admits he was beaten by his step father and repeatedly sexually abused by a camp counselor. he said this is the first time he has admitted the abuse to anyone. >> i had this, if you tell anybody i'll kill you. i will make sure that no one believes you and that's the biggest thing. when people find people like me at that young vulnerable age who are basically lost, the thing they have over you is they make you believe that no one will believe you. >> reporter: so you never reported it? >> no. my mom will read about it for the first time. my wife. i haven't told anybody. >> reporter: brown was elected to the late ted kennedy's senate seat. the full interview with senator brown will air this sunday on 60 minutes. the scandal that forced a
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new york congressman to resign appears to have started right here in baltimore. chris lee took this topless photo at the gop retreat held right here in baltimore at the water front marriott. the congressman sent the photo to a woman he met on craigslist. courthouse protests a deepening racial divide charged with beating an american teenager. their plea and the explosive reaction from both sides. >> reporter: bobby strode into the courthouse. he's being arraigned for the november incident in park heights. his brother told police he saw a young man on someone's porch. the police report states that the two brothers followed a 15- year-old african american and got out of their patrol car. told the police hit him in the
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head with his radio and shouted at him with expletives. the teen said his wrist was broken. it sparked protests and claims of racism. the two groups are only separated by 110 feet but philosophically they are miles apart. >> we are here to say to the citizens of baltimore city and our friends, some of them. all we want is justice. >> reporter: the reverend is one of 9 groups. but only a dozen protesters heard the call. to the north, songs and prayers asking for help from god. >> we support. >> think it's important to be here to support the word a shames. >> after court both brothers thanked their supporters. >> they are entering a not guilty plea and we have a trial
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date that's set and we're going to resolve this in the courtroom. >> reporter: the trial is set for may 2nd. back to you. his brother is a former member of the israel special forces. he was originally charged with a felony but that charge was dropped. if you own a car you probably feel like your bank account is under siege. gas prices are rising and it could get worse. chi jackson explain how decisions made in annapolis could affect your. >> reporter: just the thought of a possible gas hike makes some cringe. a gas tax hike won't be levied without a fight. if you drive, $3 almost encouraging. at another station it's 3.19. 3.43 for premium. >> gas is already high enough as it is.
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people are having problems with the economy, finding jobs. >> reporter: energy experts saying gas is a come oddity, it's affected by world events. >> any indication that there's a shortage of crude or even if there's an overage will affect the price of gasoline jo the national average for gas was just below 2.75 this time last year. right now it's well above the 3- dollar mark. because of the state deficit lawmakers are considering a gas hike. have started a website aimed at getting marylanders fired up and fed up with the possibility of a gas increase. >> stop the gas is determined to put the brakes on raising the gas tax. >> we think people out to know
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-- ought to know. >> transportation is already, you know, bad enough, you know, why should we have to pay another tax on top of taxes. >> reporter: on monday a gas tax bill was introduced in the maryland senate. back to you. all right, thank you, kei. oil experts acknowledge even though maryland is below the national average, paying $3 a gallon is painful. some lawmakers are rallying behind the dime a drink tax. some voice their support in annapolis today alongside some religious leaders. restaurants and stores would add a 10-cent tax to each drink. if approved the state could raise $215 million. a baltimore raven is leading the charge -- brought his message to students from he had mon son high and st.
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francis academy tonight. he stressed the importance of staying active. he went to high school right here in maryland and is a former maryland terp. >> reporter: he was doing a pretty fancy yoga move there, too. a becomes a news story herself. the very latest on laura log an's ordeal. child abuse. this little girl just 2 years old is duct taped. who is in handcuffs tonight. barriers come crumpling down with social networking. how facebook, google and twitter are changing the world one click at a time. i'll have your first warning forecast coming up next. conferments cleat coverage -- complete coverage continues with denise koch, kei jackson and sports with mark viviano.
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it is 50 degrees, partly cloudy in central maryland right now. incredible video from a camera in san antonio, watch as a parking garage under construction will come crashing down. two workers were injured. the cause still is under investigation. a suburban philadelphia mother is accused of duct taping her toddler to a chair.
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21-year-old carea ferguson was taken away. this video shows her daughter with. a deadly gun fight in west virginia between u.s. deputy marshals and a suspect. they were trying to serve a -- when charles smith opened fire. 24-year-old derrick was struck and later died at the hospital. two other marshals suffered nonlife threatening wounds. the suspect was killed at the scene. western arrested may don -- bernard madoff claims some banks had to know about his ponzi schemes. said the institutions had willful blindness and did not want to know. he did not name any specific institutions. cbs news correspondent lara
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log an has been -- she was surrounded by an angry mob while covering the resignation of mubarak. she was separated from her crew and sexually assaulted. she was saved by a group of women along with some egyptian soldiers. logan is recovering from her -- at her home. she also received a phone call from president obama. received a photo of what is believed to be mubarak leaving cairo. it was taken last friday. the helicopter transported mubarak to a resort city on the red sea. in the wake of the revolution in egypt, anti government protests have broken out across the middle east. this video from libya where they are calling for the --
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asking protesters to assemble tomorrow there for a day of anger. social networking sites like facebook are becoming a fuel for these protests. >> reporter: sometimes hurled in protests these stones on a cairo street spelled out a much more powerful weapon, we are the men of facebook. facebook and twitter are now popping up in at least 10 countries. rallying anti government sentiment from -- >> the internet has had a coming of age. >> reporter: and foreign governments are trying to catch up. >> those who -- may be able to hold back the full expression of their people's yearningings for a while. >> reporter: hillary clinton called access to the internet a
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fundamental human right. >> it's the exchange of information that never was before possible. we all have the technology. >> reporter: the google executive who helped spark the up rise in egypt says -- >> the only barrier is the psychological barrier of fear. the regime rely on fear. if you manage to break the psychological barrier you are going to be able to do the revolution. >> reporter: and the world watched many on twitter as the revolution took hold. mary must boll a. during the uprising the mubarak cut off internet and cell phone access in the impost. it was restored shortly after he stepped down. it was a busy day in the big apple for america's new top dog.
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hickory, the best in show made an appearance on the cbs early show. after that she did some sightseeing at the empire state building. she was treated to a big juicy steak. >> reporter: hickory is going to need a new wardrobe. >> reporter: very cool animal. he's got such expression in that face. no deer from the top of the empire state building. it's a deer hound. okay, 50 degrees at 11:1, unbelievably mild. southwest winds, that will do it, 8 miles per hour and some cloud cover as well. 57, 24 this morning. it was chilly. averaging 45. the record 75 and 5. right now, 50 here. 50 in washington.
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even out to the west where it's normally colder still 37 degrees. the coldest spots right by the water. annapolis now at 39 degrees. southwest winds, that will continue tomorrow to bring in more mild air. tomorrow will be warmer than today and on friday we're going to really reach our peak for the week. a few clouds in the region. there is a front across southern canada. that will reach our region friday night, saturday. it will turn colder for the weekend and maybe a little drizzle here by sunday afternoon or monday. warm air flowing in from the south and southwest, very warm, then turning colder into saturday and sunday. but by friday we could easily see 70 degrees. south winds on the bay, 5 to 10
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knots. tonight then, 33, milder than it's been, maybe 42 downtown. 61, maybe 64, all depends on the cloud cover, definitely pushing 70 on friday. clouds back on saturday. sunday, mondays, a lot of clouds, only in the mid-40s. a big change from the upper 60s to 70 as it cools off. >> reporter: we're just going to think two days ahead. coming up the orioles future looks good. future looks good. coming up next in sports. ,,
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shouldn't be hard work or cost more money. now there's simple nutrition, only at safeway. green tags throughout the store call out what matters most to you. ♪ there are 22 different nutritional benefits highlighted. ♪ and with our low prices, now safeway makes bringing home the right choices easier than ever. that's simple nutrition. ♪ that's ingredients for life. safeway. all right, take another look at oriole team for 2000. >> reporter: keep looking, lots of new faces. showed up in sarasota, took a physical exam. the results of that should be known by friday.
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provided guerrero p passes that -- pitchers and catchers have their third day of work out. gonzales back to a rough start. impressed with some of the new additions of the bullpen. >> you're obviously talking about guys that have been there and done that already. you're talking about michael gray, so the guy can get it done. you saw what koji did last year. >> reporter: gonzales missed about 3 months of action last season but says he's at full strength this spring. college basketball, his game was the equivalent of a playoff game. shane walker played up to the challenge but it wasn't enough tonight. rider rolled. so loyola loses.
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they will go across town on saturday. a week to the trade deadline. carmelo anthony could still be dealt. trade talk has swirled around anthony all season. having a big game in milwaukee tonight. slam dunked to a 36 points so far. trade deadline thursday, anthony will play in the nba all-star game on sunday. another baltimore basketball player in the news. rudy gay will miss the next 4 weeks or more. the forward suffered a partially dislocated shoulder. gay is a 5 year veteran, played at arch archbishop spalding high. auto racing practice laps at daytona today, what was supposed to be a warm up leads to a -- he veers off the track in the interior wall damaging the car he used to become the
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top qualifier for sunday's race. now he has to use his back up car. coming up on sunday. car is broke, use the other one. >> reporter: thank you, mark. hockey players are known for being a little rough and tumble. >> but this canadian team is >> but this canadian team is getting a little extrtr,,,,,,,,, fee court is now in session.
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♪ my daughters and i were going to see their grammy and grampy, but amber fractured her leg and we had to change our flight. then that airline added a 150-dollar change fee per ticket. i sure did. 450 dollars. 450 bucks. 450 bucks is a lot of money. that just ain't right. that's just plain wrong. it's an honest dollar, your honor. does his momma know what he's doing? [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees. if guests don't come down the only major airline to visit our beaches, we don't have an economy.
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my wife and i manage vacation rental homes here. we were booked up for the entire year and then the oil spill hit. i didn't know what to expect, but bp did what they said they were going to do. i brought my cancellations and bp made up the difference. now the beaches are clean and tourists are coming back and we're looking forward to a great next year. come on down. our gulf coast is open for business. a couple of canadian hockey teams traded in their sticks. don't worry, they didn't use them on each other, but rather some old cars. the players looked like they were having fun and the program
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looks to be a smashing success. >> reporter: oh, well. children in denver may soon be asking to go grocery shopping. that's because one has three special shopping carts. they have a video screen. the children can watch a cartoon while their apartments shop. -- parents shop. the only probably be if check out happens before the show ends. >> reporter: as soon as they ,,,
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that's it for us of the letterman next, everyone. >> and i'm denise


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